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Access Video and Data Online

The Performa Sports Web Platform integrates directly with the Performa Sports iPad App. This scalable feature is available on the Coach-Plus and Pro Plans. 

Kilmacud Crokes GAC

Kilmacud Crokes GAC

"The App is really easy to use and is very intuitive, both for analysts and for players. Being able to link game data with a synchronised match video is great. It’s easy to set up KPI templates, and the management information available post-match is clear, easy to understand and simple to extract.”
- Diarmuid O'Gallchobhair, Lead Analyst
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Central Performance Database 

The iPad app is the real playmaker behind the online coaching and analysis platform. The Performa Sports Web Platform automatically backs up data from the iPad app and builds a central performance database of video, stats and playlists. 

The system supports focused visual communication that doesn’t overload but lets players see their true performance. Personalised comments, social-style discussion tools, video clips and training notes help to empower and encourage player self-analysis and team development.

Extend valuable coaching contact time

Assign self-review homework by easily sharing analysis, playlists, performance indicators and information with coaches and players using any web-enabled laptop or mobile device. 

Player Self-Analysis

Gain a real insight into how players perceive their own performance away from the training ground. Maintain a complete overview of individual player performances and remote engagement with and between players. 

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